About us

Rena Dempsey is the Founder of feed that brain™, a Toronto-based health supplements company. With her two decades of leadership and expertise in natural health and the nutraceutical industry, Dempsey brings her wealth of knowledge into her company. “Our beauty and wellness philosophy is to provide consumers seeking to elevate their health with simple, smart nutritional choices made from the highest-quality, research-supported ingredients,” she explains. The overarching goal is for them to be more than a supplements brand, “Feed That Brain is also a ‘partner’ on people’s journey to better health, providing them with engaging content and information on topics such as self-care, sleep, movement, meditation and time outdoors to nourish their entire being, body, mind and soul,” Dempsey adds.

With a focus on women’s health, beauty, and cognitive function feed that brain™ is designed to help achieve optimal mind-body connection. “With our supplements, we address some of the key pillars of wellness like sleep quality, mental focus, metabolism, stress and energy.

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