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About Us.

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We're feed that brain, a team of healthy-minded, product developers and innovators out to prove just how easy feeding your brain - and body - can be, particularly when you have formulas like ours!

Driven by our passion to help consumers like you get ahead in all areas of your life, we're nothing short of obsessive when it comes to our work. This means using only the highest quality, science-backed ingredients while following industry Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) so that we can offer you formulas you can trust and feel working.

Guided by Canada' renowned business and brand developer, visionary and creative force, Joe Mimran, our mission is to make 'getting healthier' something so brilliantly easy and effective, you'll want to keep it up! Smart right?

Our values

Nutrition for your entire being

Today more than ever, science is showing the gut-brain connection, and just how deeply the foods we eat impact our moods, hormones, digestion, sleep and more. Optimum health is a holistic synergy. And we're here to support yours in every way possible.

Backed by Science

With 20+ years of experience in health and wellness, we carefully source each and every ingredient that go into our formulas. Ethically sourced and backed by science, you get the highest quality with no questionable fillers, artificial sweeteners or nasty gums, to name just a few.

Convenience without compromise

We believe taking care of your health shouldn't include a confusing product label to decipher. Transparency is key, and why you can feel good when choosing our formulas. There's no cutting corners, no compromises. Convenience never tasted so good.