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Sleep Vegan Gummy

Soothing Citrus Flavour

Sleep Vegan Gummy

Because getting adequate sleep impacts all areas of your health, these gummies were designed to support your musculoskeletal and nervous systems, feel relaxed and more calm. Containing a synergistic blend of Magnesium Citrate, Melatonin and L-Threonine, you get a safe and natural way to better balance your circadian rhythm so you can enjoy a deep, more restful sleep. Not to mention their irresistible soothing citrus flavour will have you craving more sweet dreams ahead.

Soothing Citrus Flavour

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What they do

Promote a state of calm and relaxation.

Promote easier, restful sleep.

Support muscle and nervous system balance.

What's inside

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate is an important mineral for overall health and can help defend against magnesium deficiency symptoms like fatigue, muscle aches and trouble sleeping.


Melatonin is a natural hormone the brain promotes in-response to darkness. It helps with the timing of circadian rhythms (24-hour internal clock) and therefore, sleep patterns.


L-Threonine is an essential amino acid required for connective tissues like collagen and elastin. It also promotes healthier mood regulation, muscle growth — even digestion.

Natural Flavour

Delicious lemon-vanilla flavour with no added artificial sugars or sweeteners.

How to take

  • Take 2-6 gummies once per day, at or before bedtime.

Super Smart Ingredients

  • No artificial sweeteners, fillers, or questionable ingredients.

  • Vegan friendly ingredients suitable for all diets.

  • Made without gelatin, gluten, dairy, corn or soy.

Designed for Performance

  • Synergistic nutrients to support muscle repair, relaxation and sleep.

  • Better sleep means better cognitive function, memory & focus.

  • Can be enjoy nightly with no harmful effects.


Why is Magnesium Citrate important?

Magnesium Citrate is an essential mineral often lacking in most diets due to mineral deficient food crops. Magnesium is very important as it impacts nearly every aspect of health. This includes its role in helping support muscle function and repair, nerve function, bone health, blood pressure, sleep and relaxation.

Magnesium Citrate is particularly beneficial for supporting the muscles and nervous system, promoting a better state of balance and inducing a state of increased calm and relaxation. It also aids in cognitive function, and therefore very beneficial not just for sleep but for longevity too.

What role does L-Threonine play in overall health?

L-Threonine is an essential amino acid which plays an important role in a wide range of biological processes. This includes its role in forming the foundation of connective tissues like collagen and elastin, increasing mood regulation, muscle growth – even digestion.

As it is not produced by the body, getting adequate sources of essential amino acids such as L-Threonine via diet and supplementation is very important. Foods naturally rich in L-Threonine include beef, lamb, wild fish and dairy products. For those following a strict vegan diet then, supplementation may be even more important.

Why is Melatonin important for sleep health?

Melatonin is a hormone released by the pineal gland in the brain at night and has long been associated with control of the sleep–wake cycle. When melatonin production is decreased due to light exposure, shift work, travel or stress, sleep cycles can be negatively impacted resulting in restlessness, anxiety and over time, insomnia – whether acute or chronic. By taking a low-dose amount of Melatonin such as SLEEP gummies, you will help induce this hormone, and restore a more balanced natural circadian rhythm.

Is taking Melatonin every night a good thing?

When in small does, such as the 1.5mg in each SLEEP gummy, you get a safe, minimal dose which will not create a dependency on melatonin. As well, it’s been shown that supplementing with larger doses (ie: 10mg), can actually cause ‘rebound insomnia’ thereby making a smaller dose the favoured approach.

Are there any side effects to SLEEP gummies?

SLEEP gummies will not cause hang-over effects such as drowsiness. Unlike over the counter sleep medications, the ingredients in SLEEP work synergistically to support natural bodily and nervous system functions, including a state of balanced calm and restful sleep.

Are these gummies gluten-free and vegan?

Yes they are! Unlike other gummies, ours do not contain animal by-products nor do they contain gluten or other common allergens.

What kind of sweeteners are contained in SLEEP gummies?

Free of artificial sweeteners, our gummies contain natural sources including tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar along with monk fruit extract - a natural sweetener very low in calories and does not spike blood sugar levels.

When is the best time to take SLEEP gummies?

To induce a state of calm and sleep, SLEEP gummies can be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime.

Is it okay to take another Magnesium based supplement with these gummies?

As the Magnesium Citrate contained in SLEEP gummies is in a low dose (20mg), you may include another Magnesium based formula. Like with any and all supplements, it’s best to check with your health practitioner and/or experiment to see how your body responds.